Testimonials - Pastor Matt

Matt DeMateo

New Life Community Church

67 is a support group for pastors where you can come and share openly about struggles, find refreshing and connect and share life together.  67 has made me feel appreciated and cared for, when often as pastors we are not.  Many times pastors are expected to be at every event, meet with every hurting family, and fix all kinds of problems.  However, there isn't often someone who is checking in with us as pastors to see how we are doing and offer us that same care.  That is where 67 comes in. It is truly a blessing in my life to have that safe place to go to, and also be cared for and loved at the same time.  My wife is truly blessed that I am in this group because she sees the battle, the loneliness at times, and knows that this is a great thing for our marriage and our family.

 67 makes me feel loved and cared for.  It is refreshing to know that whatever happens this month, I will still have those few hours to be refreshed and pour into other pastors as well.  I love the transparency in our group.  I think that many of us as pastors don't have a place where we can come and share freely what is on our hearts without having to worry what our team will think.  With 67, you don't have that worry.  It is a great time to build each other up and talk about the "real stuff" that pastors are facing.