Become A Moderator


We exist to establish PEER GROUPS for Pastors,

so that they may encourage, support, and assist

one another with the intent that then they will be

better equipped to win souls and mature believers.

Below is a brief explanation of a moderators roles and responsibilities.  If you would like to talk to us about becoming a moderator please CLICK HERE.

Steps to become a Moderator:

Application Process

Step 1 – Visit 67 meeting with sponsor

Step 2 – Fill out a 67 Moderator Application

Step 3 – Interview with 67 board member

Step 4 – Sign confidentiality and commitment / acceptance

Step 5 – Sign statement of faith



Step 1 – Listen in on Host Pastor call for meeting preparation interview with Bob or other moderator

Step 2 – Attend a 67 meeting for observation

Step 3 – Initiate and lead a call to a Host Pastor for meeting preparation

Step 4 – Moderate the 67 meeting while observed by current Moderator.



67 strives to provide the best group experience for the pastors that attend a 67 meeting.  In pursuit of this goal, each 67 group will be periodically asked to provide feedback regarding their group, the moderator and all aspects of how well 67 is helping them.

The role of a 67 Group moderator would be as follows:

Moderate a monthly meeting at a host pastors church (4 hrs)

o      Prepare for the monthly agenda by interviewing the host pastor and reviewing the  host pastors questionnaire / items of concern (1 hr)

Moderate the function dates on a month to month basis.  The moderator is not to attend these meetings but rather make sure the dates are set and that the meetings are happening in the proper time frames


o      PICNIC

o      RETREAT


The estimated time commitment for a moderator would be approximately 5-6 hours a month.  There would be a two to three month training period where the moderator would be trained by an experienced moderator to help provide a good foundation for the moderator’s success.